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  1. When possible start preparations to move weeks in advance. Often times movers charge by the hour and man power. To save money, do a portion of the move yourself. Disassemble and break things down ahead of time for easy transport. Neatly pack items in good quality boxes (preferably no more then 50 lbs each). Clearly mark them as to what room they are to be carried into upon arrival, close and seal them for better stack-ability. It will take less men less time to move when thoughtfully prepared in advance.
  2. Work directly with the movers as part of the team. Pay for less men. faster move, save $$$!
  3. Negotiate with your mover on all services. Get an estimate in writing before the move. Be open and honest about any details about the move with your mover. No surprises.
  4. Find your own packing material (used boxes instead of new) just be sure boxes are not flimsy and not too large so that handling is manageable. This also saves you possible losses from damaged items.
  5. Unload as much unwanted items as possibly before moving Garage Sales are a great idea and , you even make a little money along the way. This also helps to make your move less costly.
  6. Price shop at least three different moving companies before contracting your move. But remember the "'you get what you pay for, principle certainly applies when hiring someone to move your personal and often times precious items. You will quickly forget the few dollars you saved when your mover doesn't show up because their only truck is in the shop, or something gets damaged during the move and they are not property insured to take care of it. Be careful. Ask all the right questions. Get things in writing. And ask for an up-to-date list of references of satisfied customers that you can call.
  7. When moving long-distance, if there is a way for you or maybe a friend to move a few of your heaviest items it will save you money. This is because long-distance moves are priced by weight and distance.
  8. Purchasing insurance is sometimes necessary but don't over do it, Buying to much insurance is a waste of money. Consult With our mover and think it through. A little common sense goes a long way.
  9. If possible, do a majority of the move yourself. Hire a mover to move the heavy and bulky items only.
  10. Make sure one of the estimates you get is from Johnson Moving and Storage. For over 15 years, Johnson has been providing the smoothest moves and the best prices anywhere here in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. With Johnson you are guaranteed complete satisfaction that will "Move You".


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