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Helpful Hints for the Smart Consumer

  • Plan Ahead
  • Try to schedule your move before or after the first of the month. Sunday through Thursday ro avoid the rush.
  • Secure all valuables and imporrant papers on your person.
  • Packing is one of the most important parts of any moving job. You or your packer should start packing as soon as possible. You or your packer should only use professional supplies. Pack fragile items individually. Never over pack boxes. Don't forget to label boxes.
  • Select and secure final desrination whether it be residence or storage in advance.
  • Don't forget to call utilities and phone company, etc. . . . to disconnect.
  • Dispose of Hazardous Materials.
  • Have a garage sale or donate unneeded items.

Things you should know about do it yourself moving jobs.

Before renting a big truck, think about the responsibility that comes along with operating a vehicle 10,000 lbs. or more, unless you have experience with driving big rrucks. A few other rhings to conĀ¬sider are: Ttuck rental, mileage, furniture dolly, furniture pads, bungee cords, your time, and someone else's to help you load and unload the truck. These are just a few of the particulars which are things you pay for separately and above truck rental. Consider your options and make the smart choice.

Things you should know about Moving Companies

  • Make sure the moving company you choose is fully insured and licensed.
  • Be sure to get an estimate in writing.
  • Make sure they use professional packers only.
  • Don'r be afraid to ask questions.
  • Ask for references for similar types of moves.

We at... joiriborf

Pride ourselves on loading and unloading your furnirure and precious items and delivering them in a careful way so that they will arrive at their destination in the same condition that they were packed.

We can handle all your moving needs.

  • Apartment, Home, Of & Commercial. No move too small or large.
  • Short-Notice. Same day delivery available. 44 Local or Long Distance.
  • Expert Packing. We only use professional packing supplies.
  • No hidden charges. Flexible pricing Senior discounts. Partial Moves.
  • Free Estimares

"We have rates to fit your budget!"

Let your next move be your best move!

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  • Complete Packing Services
  • Residential/Commercial
  • Home/Apartment
  • Organ & Piano Moving
  • On Time Pick-up & Delivery
  • Affordable Storage
  • Easily Accessible
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Local & Long Distance
  • International Shipping
  • Short Notice Moves
  • Flat Rate or Hourly

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