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Hassle Free Moving

Hire a Mover vs. Do It Yourself

One Customer's Experience:

Johnson Moving and Storage was contacted by Mrs. Moss for an es¬timate to have some furniture and personal items stored in our facility. I visited Mrs. Moss's home to determine her needs and how Johnson Movers might serve her best. Following my assessment, I submitted an estimate for $600.00 to move the goods to our storage facility and subsequently to their new home.

Forty-five days after delivering the estimate, Mrs. Moss called Johnson Movers requesting that we retrieve her furniture from the storage facility to her new home. Mrs. Moss was unhappy with the outcome when her furniture was placed in storage. She reported that it took her husband and his friends three days to move their furniture to storage. In the process, the furniture was damaged by gouges, nicks and scratches. Additionally the walls of her home sustained damage.

Mrs. Moss was satisfied with her decision to hire Johnson Moving and Storage. She recommends hiring a mover because it makes moving hassle free. With Johnson Movers, we bring to you our professional attitude, years of experience, reliable and appropriate equipment, insurance and affordable cost.

Call us and let us make your move hassle free!




Hiring a Mover: Johnson's Movers have many years of experience handling items like mirrors, glass, marble, sculp¬tures and ceramics. Our movers have many years of experience moving goods, maneuvering large pieces of furniture into tight places, as well as handling all types of furniture. rohnson's Movers are experienced because we move customers on a daily basis.

Doing It Yourself: The average person has no experience in handling household goods or loading the van for shipping.


Hiring a Mover: Johnson's Movers are bonded and insured. Our mover can also provide you with additional insur¬ance for your household goods.

Doing It Yourself: None. The move is totally uninsured.


Hiring a Mover: Johnson Movers are professional and come with one thought in mind; to make a successful damage-free move as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cosi.

Doing It Yourself: Most people rely on family and friends to help move. Many times family and friends will not show up and the others will have an "I don't care attitude". This could result in damage to your valuable household goods. Additionally, many will want compensation for their time and effort.


Hiring a Mover: Johnson's Movers will arrive with our crew and truck which is fully equipped with pads, dollies and hand truck tools such as hoist equipment. We also have access to special equipment for pianos, organs, large freezers such as hoist equipment and electric dollies, etc.

Doing It Yourself: You can rent a truck and equipment but there's always the hassle of pick up and return of the truck and finding someone who is qualified to drive a medium sized truck as well as numerous other arrangements and charges to consider.




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