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Moving Guide

Move In/Out Guide:

Pack for Moving, UPS Packing Tips, The College Move-Out Specialists

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Alleviates the Moving Burden:

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Completing finals is difficult enough without have to deal with moving out of your dormitory or apartment, ans alleviates the move-out burden by professionally and economically managing your moving, storage and shipping needs.

  • Summer Storage
  • Local And Long Distance Moving
  • Shipping & Mailing
  • Tips On How To Pack For Mov¬ing
  • UPS Packing Tips
  • The College Move-Out Specialists
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Moving In

Moving into an apartment?

Planning ahead for next fall?

Happy Feet Carpet will deliver high quality carpet remnants to your door. All colors, sizes and prices.

Plan ahead: JMS Carpet will have your carpet ready for you when you return to school next year.

Call with your choice of size and color. Don't throw it away!!!

If you are not storing it here or taking it home, JMS will arrange to have your unwanted clothing, blankets, towels and furniture taken to the Salvation Army, or another needy charity.

Summer Storage:

At your Door

Save money and aggravation

  • First, we alleviate the time and hassle involved with moving out - so you can concentrate on studying for finals.
  • Then, we save you money so you can afford to celebrate after finals!
  • Our full service storage includes pickup and delivery.
  • Mover does a descriptive inventory on your goods.
  • Boxes are available upon request at below average prices

Remember, all the boxes, furniture, rugs, appliances and refrigerators that you take home in the spring must come back to school in the fall.


JMS has been in the moving and storage business for the past 15 years. We specialize in student services. You will not get lost in the shuffle - your belongings are handled with care and concern.

References are available upon request. We are accessible at any time for your comments or problems

Our Staff

Your move will be handled by JMS employees only. In Washington, JMS has been serving law, graduate and medical students for over 15 years. You deal directly with us for pickup and delivery - no subcontract, no third party.

Our Facilities

We own our own storage facilities; no subcontractors, no third parties. Our facilities are completely secured with state of the art theft and fire protection. All storage is kept in individual containers which are secured closed then stored. The containers protect against dust, dirt, moisture and humidity.



Our professional movers can move as little as a few boxes or an entire apartment. We move across town, across country or across the world. Because we serve students (and lots of them) you only pay For what you have. You pay less - and get full service.

International Consolidated Shipments

We consolidate to Europe, Asia, South and Central America, Africa, Middle East, Australia, or anywhere in the world!

Environmental Concerns?

JMS delivers all your move-out needs. We provide boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing supplies. Whether you are storing, shipping, moving or "doing it yourself' we deliver what you need.

We have a full-line of recycled and environmentally friendly packing supplies!

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Packing Tips provided by UPS

Who assumes the responsibility for damages--the packer or the shipper? The National Safe Transit Association (NSTA) has answered this question. When you do your own packing - you assume the responsibility for how your cartons are packed. While professional service and reputation will help insure that your items are handled with care, the ultimate responsibility is yours. The carrier will not be responsible if an item is damaged due to packing that does not meet NSTA standards.

To begin, study boxes of the proper "crush weight" are vital to the success of your move. Remember, the strength of a box varies according to its intended content. Second-hand boxes originally made to hold light weight products will not hold heavier items. Furthermore, boxes of uniform size make your moving much more efficient.

The following guidelines will help secure a sound move:

1. If you have the original factory box and packing - use them. If not, start with a strong corrugated box, preferably new.

2. If the box is not new make sure all previous addressees and names are removed.

3. Close the bottom and top of the box, then sign your name across the flaps. Using strong packing tape, close the box across the top and along the edges.

4. Boxes should be under- packed and cushioned to prevent crushing. Carefully surround fragile items with padding. While pillows, blankets, sheets and towels will pad the items - they will not protect against vibration and shock. Only professional packing materials will absorb the shock applied to the bottom.

Tips On How To Pack For Moving

This section is intended to give you some valuable and helpful tips on packing your small articles so that they can be safely moved on a truck or moving van.

Such small articles as dishes, table lamps, pictures, and other fragile bric-a-brac must be thoughtfully and carefully packed in boxes if they are to arrive at your destination in as good condition as they were prior to being packed and moved.

Packing for moving is an art requiring a certain amount of expertise and know-how. Your mover has many years of experience at packing behind him. He has well-trained, qualified packers to do any part of the packing you might prefer to leave to him. He has all of the proper equip-ment and materials to do the job efficiently and thoroughly. If you need assistance with your packing your mover will be happy to help.

Much of the secret of packing, however, is having the right materials with which to work, and the application of some good common sense. If you are going to do your own packing, the tips contained in this booklet should help remove some of the mystery.

Materials You Will Need

Wrapping Paper: You are going to need some wrapping paper. Many people save and use their old newspapers. Keep in mind,however, that the ink on newsprint never thoroughly dries. Consequently, the goods you wrap in newspapers are most likely going to be soiled and will require cleaning after un¬packing, and before you put them away. For items you prefer to keep clean it would be best to purchase some packing paper from your mover

Cartons: You'll need many boxes in assorted sizes. All boxes should be in good condition, and must have covers on them in order that they can be closed-up and sealed.

You can purchase cartons from your mover, if you wish. It must be pointed out, however, that all paper products are expensive these days, and specially-designed movers cartons are no exception. With the huge investment movers have in cartons, they cannot afford to give them away.

You might start collecting cartons from your local grocery and liquor stores. All too often grocery store cartons have the tops removed, but if you have a talk with the store manager he would probably be willing to save you some cartons with the covers still intact. Liquor cartons are excellent packing cartons. They are sturdy, and contain dividers which make them ideal for packing glasses, goblets, vases, etc.

Sealing Tape: The best tape for this purpose is plastic tape. Your rolls of tape should be at least 11/2 to 2 inches wide.

Magic Marker: This is for marking your packed boxes with such information as the contents of the box, "FRAGILE' "THIS SIDE UP", etc.

Some Things to Consider

1. Start collecting boxes early. An easy way to store cartons so that they won't require a great deal of storage is to open both ends of the cartons and flatten them out. You can open them up again and re-seal the bottoms with your plastic tape as you are ready to use them.

2. It will probably be necessary to have your mover do some of your packing for you. At the very least, it may be necessary to purchase some of his specialized cartons that will be impossible for you to find else- where. This category would include such cartons as mattress cartons, wardrobe cartons, containers for large pictures and mirrors, and possibly some large cartons for tall table lamps.

3. Dresser drawers need to be partially empty. Movers usually do not move chests of drawers with the contents of drawers left intact. Too much weight in the drawer could cause damage to the drawer while your furniture is enroute.

4. What size boxes should you use? The rule-of-thumb here is the small, heavy articles, such as books, records, canned goods, etc., would go in smaller boxes. Bulkier, but not-so-heavy articles, such as pots and pans, linens, small kitchen appliances, etc., would go in somewhat larger boxes. Very bulky, lightweight articles, such as blankets, pillows, toys, large lamp shades, shoes, etc., would go in the largest boxes.

5. Do not pack for moving on a van any flammables, combustionables, or explosives. The safety of the shipment is the primary concern. Movers are not supposed to transport aerosol spray cans, paint thinner, gasoline, or anything else of a flammable or explosive nature.




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